May 11 Publishing

We publish books for small independent authors. Proudly based on the internet, but our humans exist in a suburb of Philadelphia.

Our Books

Nicole's books

We started as a way for Nicole to publish her collected works. These are available print-on-demand through most book sellers, or directly from this page, signed, where all proceeds benefit trans rights organizations.

Technically a Blog (Volume 0)
Nicole Tietz-Sokolskaya

Future books

We have some other books in development right now, focusing on software engineering and systems design, working with multiple authors. The first one will be a deep dive into system design in the context of software engineering interviews.

Questions and answers

Can you publish my book?

We'd love to talk about it, and we can help with the writing and editing process from start to finish. Wherever you are in that process, reach out to Nicole at [email protected].

Who are you?

May 11 Publishing LLC is operated by its two founders, who are an engineer/writer and a translator/editor for their day jobs.

How do I get in touch?

You can email one of our founders at [email protected].